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I just happened to come across this speciality thread while reading the wound threads. My dream has always been to become an entrepreneur. My original thought was to branch out into independent... Read More

  1. by   megangraciesmom
    Does anyone have a good resource for purchasing a dremel with a vacuum. Trying to find a used one to keep start up costs for my business down. Thank you in advance for any info you can share.
  2. by   NC29mom
    I prefer medicool drills....
  3. by   PTKChic
    I'm from Minnesota. Our podiatrists do not doing any nail trimmings or callus debridements. However, they treat nail fungus, will fix ingrown nails, and debride wounds. We refer patients our to foot care nurses and their small businesses. This starts with Medicare, but we were just told this morning that private insurances are following suit. I am sending out a mass staff message to inform our clinics that no patient, regardless of insurance, can be scheduled for nails OR calluses.
  4. by   ReneeGA
    Is anyone in the state of Georgia still running their foot care business? I am debating on taking the course at Emory University in Atlanta and taking the CFCN exam. I am wondering if there have been any roadblocks in working independently as a RN. I emailed the GBON, but the reply was very vague and didn't answer my question clearly of "Can an RN in the state of Georgia practice as a foot care nurse independently?" I will keep searching the forums and web for a definite answer. But if you have some input or advise- it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. by   RNlotz53
    I have worked as a Foot care RN in the state of WA for almost 5 yrs now (almost 39 yrs in Nursing). First of all, get your Liability insurance. All nurses I know have it, whether it be for hospital work or any area. Great place for that is NSO (website You can talk directly to them on the phone also. I've worked under 2 employers for foot care. One went strictly for private pay from pts. The other obtained their operating finances thru grants --United Way etc. You cannot take private pay if you have a grant though.

    If you will be doing wound care + foot care, I would have them on separate days to avoid any contamination. Foot care work is hard on the hands, so I'd suggest a maximum of 4 days a week doing this. Be sure to obtain the Drs OK, either thru a fax or written note on your pts. --especially for diabetics. We are audited each year so be thorough with your charting and all paperwork.

    Dr Julia Overstreet is excellent! She is basically thru the University of WA. She also travels around the country giving seminars & talks. The CE foot care class I went to last yr was thru Pacific Lutheran Univ. , where the professor had a different ways of doing the same thing.

    I would check with your local city about the business license - just physically go to City Hall to double-check this.

    God Bless you in your endeavors
  6. by   GoNightingale
    I'm doing my research to determine if having my own FCN Business is profitable. I know that I would have to work under the "umbrella" of a podiatrist. I'm wondering if you onw what the average Medicare reimbursement for for foot care for patient's with diabetic neuropathy? I have found the CPT codes for the billing and I know Medicare pays 80% of reasonable and customary but i don't have actual dollar numbers. I'm also wondering if you know how much of the reimbursement does the podiatrist share with the CFCN since she did that work.
    Thanks in advance
  7. by   GoNightingale
    It's my understanding that only Nurse Practitioners can bill directly. So I would have to work under 1 or 2 podiatrists. But I noticed on your post that one of your posdiatrists went private pay only. Is the Medicare reimbursement that low?

  8. by   PhillyKevRN
    I saw a post you made a few years back regarding getting into the foot care business. Just curious how that's going and us it been pretty lucrative for you if I may ask? I've been a nurse for 10yrs all in the hospital and I still don't know what I want to do but I like the idea of having my own business but I don't know yay I'm qualified to do and I'm just looking for ideas.