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Hello all, I have been reading a lot on these boards lately about nurses wanting to start their own home health agencies. I am an LVN, and am interested in starting a home care agency that offers... Read More

  1. by   Rodoon

    I see a real need for this service, but I wasn't clear on one thing.

    Are you thinking of doing this yourself (as in one woman show) or are you planning on hiring others to work for you?"

    I think the rules are different if you're going it alone versus hiring others to work for you. See Merced's post. All states are in a flux about these type of things because they're all in budget shortfalls. Look for a small business bureau in your town. Maybe they can answer your questions.

    People without an LPN license are doing it right now, but I don't know about their training beyond CNA. My neighbor is looking for someone as an individual for her mother, but not from an agency because of the higher fees they ask for. I've seen flyers for these "sitters" in the library. They offer the same things you mentioned. Try to avoid billing M&M, ask for direct pay for fee services up front. Just be careful to stay out of the skilled care arena. A business license will make more people comfortable about hiring you versus those putting up flyers.
  2. by   BA.LVN
    Hi Rodoon:

    (and thanks everyone for your input). I would not like to do this as a "one woman show," and yes, I am more interested in possibly running a home CARE agency, NOT a home health agency. Just clearing that up, as I wasn't so clear I know. So to do this, I would just obtain a business license, obviously have a business plan, the appropriate knowledge, and hire people/caregivers, scout clients in need of such services? I'd like to do background checks of course, have appropriate insurance, be very CLEAR about the services offered...UNskilled. What else? a rental space for office/training purposes? And how would I accept pay? check/visa/cash? obviously I'd need to claim all of this for tax purposes....anything else I'm missing???
  3. by   Altra
    Also think about all the things related to being an employer ... your hiring process, payroll, withholding taxes and submitting them to the state and IRS, compliance with all employment laws, etc.
  4. by   Roaze
    Is there anyone in Maryland, with an idea of what to do to open an home healthcare nursing agency. I mean the steps, costs and resources and so on. Thanks