Anyone Need a Consultant to begin a LPN program for you

  1. Hi All,

    Just as a quick FYI, I asked about this post and a forums administrator told me it would be OK because I really am looking more for viability information than work.

    I have just pulled off one the hardest things I have ever done as a nurse; I just took a small vocational school from beginning to opening of a brand new LPN program for them. Originally, I was going to work there and I was so EXCITED!!! But, as life often does, change came instead. My husband has been offered a great contract as an engineer in Virginia, so I will be leaving Illinois in the next two months.

    But, I have to tell everyone, I actually learned to love the process of taking something from nothing and developing it into something that I believe will not only change a persons life by becoming a nurse, but that nurse changing others lives as well. I always thought I hated this part of nursing, or any job for that matter, the more paper work = the more I hated it. No one is more shocked than me finding out that that isn't really true for me.

    So, what does everyone think? Is it a viable option? I am thinking about going to smaller vocational type schools and adapting it to not only to each individual school but also make sure that it will adhere to each states laws. I would work with them and incorporate their goals and ideas into what I have already established for the school I will be leaving soon.

    Thanks ahead of time for everyone's input. The more I learn from others, the more I find my life growing and more fulfilling it becomes.

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  3. by   sunnyjohn
    Wow. Sounds like you really stretched yourself!

    I am sure many small schools would appreciate your expertise as nursing has become such a hot new major.

    Maybe someday you will branch into RN programs.

    Is that a new career I smell?

    G'd Luck and Good Fortune!
  4. by   spydercadet
    Definitely trying to venture into a new career, too tired to work on the floors anymore. After 25+ years as a nurse, I'm done. I am thinking about moving into the RN program angle, but here in Ilinois, the school has to be a degree granting institution, so for now, getting the experience as a LPN course development consultant.

    It's a start!
  5. by   sunnyjohn

    What are the regs for starting an LPN program in Indiana?

    How about an RN program in the same state?

    How much does it typically cost to start a program?
  6. by   spydercadet
    See, That's why I want to be the "answer-man." But really, all you need to do, as far as the short answer, is look at your nursing board website. usually, you have to do a feasibility study to prove the area needs the LPN program, then it will go over exactly what they want the program to include. It's like most things with the state boards, they give you the parameters and then you get to work within them. I really loved doing it because I got to put me into the regs and hopefully the students will have a great experience. Just read the "Did any hate Nursing School" thread, and I hated reading it because I know how much I hated nursing school. I want to prove that we can educate nurses without the fear and loathing we have managed to create thus far. I had taught nursing at a junior college and TWO students with Master's Degree's in various Engineering fields both approached me, completely separately, saying essentially the same things, they had never been yelled at, ever, at any level of their respective college education experiences up until nursing school. After pondering this for a long time, that's when I decided I could do this and hopefully change the face of fear that looms over nursing education everywhere!
  7. by   sunnyjohn

    I found the info on the Indiana site.

    Do you think an LPN and RN program would be a good investment in NW Indiana (near Chicago , on Lake Mich)?

    This really has me curious. You post actually had me up last night thinking and putting notes in my plan book! LOL!
  8. by   spydercadet
    I think a CNA/LPN program just about anywhere is a great investment. It's a lot of work at first, I lied, it's a lot of always! But, definitely worth it. What I tell prospective students is that you may want to become a RN and that I definitely encourage that, but the local junior college in my area had 600 applicants for 120 seats. As we all know, not all of those 120 students will be starting their second level courses next fall. The average failing rate is somewhere between 30-40 students during that first year. So, if you already have your LPN, you can take the schools bridge program and apply for one of those seats. This is really a great way for many students to get into the RN programs. And, the also get to be working as LPN with all the experience and pay that comes with it that while working on their pre-req's and waiting to get into the RN program.

    Good Luck with whatever you decide. If you need any help just give send me a private message. I'm in the Chicagoland area for at least two more months, and no I'm not looking to get paid - not yet anyway!

  9. by   ohmeowzer RN
    how do you even begin to become a consultant to open a nuring program? do you have to have a buiness degree ? you must be sooo smart.. i wouldn't even know how to start such a project. i think it's awesome...
  10. by   spydercadet

    I actually started at a local junior college, and I am not sure how much input you have had in one, but I was the proverbial cog in the wheel. I was a unionized professional at the junior college, which when you talk to the State Board of Regulations, seems to be so diametrically opposed to what they want. Yet, the whole time they talk about our needs to be unionized. - Just think Bizarre and it will get you pretty close to this whole thing.

    But when offered the chance to do the program, from beginning to end. To be able to put together every aspect of the program; from the feasibility reports, to the curriculum, to the actual lab set up, I just couldn't say no. Not to say, there weren't nights I was crying my eyes out saying, "what was I thinking?" But, after all is said and done, I feel so confident in the basic materials I have, that I can go almost anywhere in the U.S. and help them set their LPN program up. I think I am more excited about sharing than anything, although I also expected that when I went to work in ICU nd found that I had coworkers who would hoard information just to make you look stupid?

    I guess people will be people everywhere and in every walk of life. I am moving to the Washington D.C. area in the next few weeks but am more than happy to speak with anyone considering this line of education at your facility.

    Talk to you soon!!!

  11. by   nursechito
    Hey Spydercadet, Just recently I ran into some nursing students at my local hospital. They were about halfway into the LPN program of a new school. I was upset and disappointed at how much money they were paing for the private LPN program and just how poorly they were being instructed. I hope these students ultimtely pass their board exams. After seeing this, I have been motivated more than ever to start my own private LPN program. I will start with the nurse aide course, which is also in high demand in south texas. I would like your consultation ASAP to look at numbers and so forth. I would appreciate your advice in this venture.
  12. by   ccampos1023
    Hi Spydercadet,
    I am starting a LPN school in Texas. We are in need of a consultant to assist with policies and procedures for the school. Can you assist?
  13. by   jbrown1978
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  14. by   MiaRNoffduty
    I am starting an LPN PROGRAM and I need help developing a policies and course objectives. Please Help... Thanks