3D Ultrasound business / Study Song business

  1. I have 2 ideas for possible side businesses. First, can an RN start an ultrasound business for entertainment and/or gender determination purposes only. I have no experience running an ultrasound machine, but would have clients sign a waiver that the ultrasound was purely for entertainment and no medical advice or consultation would be given.

    Second, I wrote songs to help me study nearly every unit and most disease processes, pharmacology, etc. in nursing school. I'm wondering if there is a way I could transfer my songs to a website to be available for purchase/download. I know nursing students are poor, but I was thinking maybe $0.99 or $1.99 per song, which isn't much.

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  3. by   amoLucia
    Personally, I like your second idea. Sounds doable to startup and I think you'd have a market out there.

    But that first one ?!?!?!? What could be entertaining about an US? And why should someone pay you when their OBGYN will be doing one with OB care? Who would be your market?

    For you to make a profit, I think you'd have to do an awful lot of USs, or else charge big money. And I think the startup costs would be huge. Just the cost of the machine... And then all the other costs associated with having a business...

    I don't think so for your first idea...
  4. by   MILOBRI
    Thanks for your input. There are 3D ultrasound places that let you see your baby and give you a video for entertainment purposes only. We had 1 done with all 3 of our kids, but maybe most people don't.....I don't know. There is no place close to us who does them. We had to drive quite a way to get them done. My OB office doesn't have a 3D machine, and the tech is a grouch who doesn't like to tell you the sex of the baby. The start up costs would be huge though, that's true. I thought it was a good idea. Oh well.