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Hi all - I've been talking to some people and have this idea in my head that I would love to get some feedback on. I'd like to offer a wellness center (starting off with space in an existing business) geared towards... Read More

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    Kristenncrn, Your idea is awesome. Go for it. Sounds as though you have your husband"s support and with his credentials a great resource. Nanacarol

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    Would it be possible for you to also coach people via email so your reach would be limitless?
    I believe that if you are doing something that you have a true passion for, then things will fall into place, you just have to keep moving forward.
    What would you advise someone in your situation? I suspect you already have all the answers you need, or know how to get them:-)
    I wish you sucsess:-)
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    I have been working for a wellness company for one year. My title is RN phone coach. I work with high risk clients over the phone. I really love this job, and it is very low stress in my opinion compared to other nursing positions. I love the concept as well. Disease management and prevention provided by wellness companies will hopefully prove to decrease hospital admissions and decrease workload of already overworked floor nurses. There wasn't much training for this position as I am the only RN here and the only one that deals with the high risk clients. I had to sort of teach myself and find techniques for getting these people to open up and talk about their health. It is still challenging at times, so I think training for this specific position is needed.

    I also love the people I work with. I would say 95% of us at the company strive to be healthy and we all have a positive influence on each other.

    I have thought about doing wellness on my own. But I have a stable job and good money, so it would be a huge risk to try to go out on my own. And I'm trying to figure out if I could combine a wellness clinic with my experience in skin care (peels, microderm, cosmeceuticals which I do on the side)....a health and beauty spa maybe, but I don't know if those two things combined would fly.

    It's nice to hear from others in the wellness area! Feel free to send me a message if you would like.

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    Thanks, RedcarRN and Harrah, for your encouragement. Harrah, your job sounds like something I would love to do. I am already a mental health nurse and understand the issue of developing trust before you can get to the real issues. Blessings to both of you. nanacarol
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    Whatever you can imagine...can become your reality. It's so exciting to follow your dreams. Go for it! I followed mine, and am becoming a great success as an entrepreneur. DREAM BIG!
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    This is an excellent idea! I love it and there is such a need. You know, it seems people who you see in a gym are all slim, model looking people. I think you could really be on to something with this!!
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    Big need for this, the trick is to get insurance companies to start paying for preventative care such as this.
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    This is a wonderful idea! So very often there is a stigma attached to overweight people - also agree that there is a large spiritual and psychological component to this problem as well. The health risks go without saying. I am by no means a business person - but would highly recommend you carefully examine the market you intend to serve. Would your shop be convenient? What would your hours be? What is the competition doing? (Better yet - what are they NOT doing) that you could do to fill in the gap and provide a better niche service.
    Here's wishing you all the best in your nurse business!!! Go for it!

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    One idea that pops up for me when I read your post. Do you have space in your home to start holding a small group of clients you'd like to serve? You could call them your practice clients or founders club members. These members could also be like a resource and advisory board to you. Try all you ideas with this group and get input as to what works and doesn't work. I am starting this with my own business as a way to get started and I don't feel it's too overwhelming and you can't beat the cost.

    Here is a huge market out there for support like you are envisioning. I am new to this forum and look forward to more discussions on this topic.

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    It is true that finding a payor source is difficult.What about requireing clients to pay full or half up front then offer them assist to get reimbursement. Using this system (http://www.abccodes.com/ali/home/default.asp); it won't allow you to go out of your scope of practice.Also, have them try to use their flexible spending accounts. Most MDs would write Rx if they thought it would help their patient get what they need.You may have to do a cost/benefit analysis for the insurance companies but you could standardize this for all clients.

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