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:heartbeatHi everyone, I am new to Denver and new to this site. I would appreciate your advice. I have extensive experience in Home Care,(10yrs) and I am also a certified Geriatric Manager. I would like to start my own Private... Read More

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    Hi, are you still working as a private duty nurse? I am an RN and I am looking for information about this.

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    phatlipbordz & kingskidsp, I am currently planning putting together a venture that I would like to discuss with both of you here, in Denver. It is along the lines of a private duty RN team of consultants, where patients become like fractional "owners" of the team, using it as needed at a reasonable rate. 100% private pay. The team expands with the needs of the client base, bringing expertise on board as needed to meet the needs of the pool of people. I am at the begining stages, but think the time is nearing when this idea could grow quickly once the economy begins to improve at all. I'd rather not get too detailed on a message board. How can I get ahold of either of you?
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