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    I am currently a nursing student, and I have become interested in gerontology. I was curious if anyone has any input or information about how someone would start a senior care residence home. I was thinking about a smaller home to start, with a few residents. I am just curious as to how the RN nursing role (or even an NP role, I am not sure) would fit into a situation like this. I know how the RN role works in LTC, etc, but this is a little bit different. How would someone decide basic care vs. medical type care, etc? It seems like an amazing opportunity, but I guess I just cannot visualize how it all fits together in a situation like that. I am just starting to look into this, and I admit, I do not have a lot of information! Hopefully someone out there does!
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    I came to this section today to read about this very thing as I am also interested in the possibility of a group home. I got interested when both of my grandfathers were in wonderful homes. Neither of them were owned by RNs. One had some sort of medical background - something in lab. She functioned as an owner/manager. Her husband cooked all the meals. CNAs took care of the residents. A good starting place is looking at the state regulations that you can probably google.

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