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Well I've been accepted as a vendor at one of the hospitals here in Atlanta. According to the person that I talked to, the contracts will be mailed out at the end of the year and if I agree to the terms, I will be considered a... Read More

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    I just registered my corp. I have not declared what type with the IRS yet.. It looks like an S Corp will work best for my situation.

    Been dabling with the CPR but no income yet. I did a volounteer project this week at my sons school. I hope to get that going sometime in the next few months (as far as an income of sorts).

    The per diem thing seems to take up a lot of my energy. I am trying to contract with facilities in my area and there are lots to choose from in reasonable driving distance.

    How you doing Micke?
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    Micke, Bonnie nailed it about the term "vendor". Yes, please tell us how it's going for you. I wish all of our budding entrepreneurs would give us a status report.
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    It sounds like another thread might be in order!

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