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ohio state independent provider pay

  1. 0 How long from the date care is given does it take Ohio to pay independent providers?What is the typical rate for RNs?
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    They pay weekly, every Thursday. RN's make $55.00/hr for the 1st hour of any shift then $5.70 for every 15 min thereafter. Keep in mind you have to pay your own taxes.
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    About how much do you have to save for taxes? Is it possible to hold it in a savings account that earns high interest, like HSBC online? The last time I looked, it was close to 5%.
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    It just depends on how much you're making. I pay my taxes quarterly so that I'm not "shocked" at the end of the year.
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    hey calmcool1,

    How does one go about becoming an independent provider? I'm in OH and would like to look into it.

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    I think Mercle staffing or something like that is located in ohio and they sell a manual on how to become an I.C. but i don't know the details included in the manual
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    Go to www.carestar.com and follow the instructions. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
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    How long does it take for medicaid to pay you? How often do you submit you billing to medicaid?
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    You submit your claims and get paid weekly.
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    I'm going to be applying to be an IP in Ohio and would like to know a few things.

    1. Are there referrals available on the directory for Franklin county or is finding patients going to be a real challenge?

    2. Who determines the amount of visits per week? Is that something I do or is it already done for me?
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    I have always done work through an agency or private pay cash and have recently came upon that an individual can be paid directly to do home care through medicare.. I am an STNA currently and in college working on my RN degree. If you are interested in connecting to get through this new application process and how things work together.. lmk please.. I am renewing my first aid tonight, have to change my STNA card to reflect my current name and also choose where to go for my state and federal background check.. One thing I did notice on the carestar site is that once you are approved you are issued a provider number and it said something about being able to log in to a web portal and browse clients that are posted in each county..
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    I would reconsider becoming an Independent Provider in Ohio. Governor Kasich's new budget cuts IP nurse's pay by more than 20%, to go into effect on October 1, 2011. I just received a letter from him (or rather his office) today, which basically said he would sign the bill on 6/30/11 and claims that these cuts have been made "in a thoughtful way".