NNBA Convention in Chicago

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    A poster had asked about the convention for the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) meeting in Chicago. It is not for quite a while and plans are not definite; but tentative information is better then none at all. Here is a cut and paste of what the NNBA president wrote to me after I enquired about the Chicago convention:


    >Plans are not complete for Chicago. I anticipate July 15, 16, 2003 at a Four Points Sheraton in or near Chicago. It will be a

    >two-day event and feature nurse entrepreneurs from the Chicago area including Karon Gibson, RN TV host. The topics are career

    >alternatives in nursing including how to start your own independent contracting or consulting business, and how to become a

    >successful nurse entrepreneur. Conferences are planned for the spring in West Palm Beach and Santa Monica, the summer in Chicago,

    >and fall in Houston and the Northeast. I am planning five one-day seminars throughout 2003 where I will present career alternatives

    >including how to start your own independent contracting or consulting businesses and how to become a successful nurse entrepreneur.

    >Locations not finalized.


    >Patricia Ann Bemis, RN CEN

    >President & CEO

    >National Nurses in Business Association

    >PO Box 561081

    >Rockledge, FL 32956-1081

    >Phone 321 633-4610

    >Fax 321 633-7510




    I hope this helps those in the Chicago area make plans to attend!

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