Needing to start Adult day care in TX

  1. 1 Hi all,

    I am an RN finishing up my masters program in Gerontology. I love the elderly and love being around them. Presently, I work in LTC which does not give me enough time to spend with my clients as I would love to. My husband and I are looking into starting up an adult day care center that will combine our love for the elderly with our need to be our own bosses. Lol.

    Anyway, we would appreciate any and all info we can get on
    1.) How to start an adult day care center in texas
    2.) The need for an adult day care center in dallas, tx
    3.) How profitable is the business and how does the reimbursement work; that is, how are we gonna get paid and by whom
    4.) Are there any consultants on Adult day care center opening in texas?

    Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Have you spoken yet to your state healthcare licensing agency? That would be the place to start. They can direct you to the standards/rules/regs you would have to follow and what the process is for getting a license to operate such a service/facility.
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    I read something on their website. Makes some sense but was wondering if I could get more info from someone who either works in one already or owns/runs one; especially on profitability and reimbursement issues. Thanks
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