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Mattsmom and All: Thanks to Hoolihan and her indispensable brain, (hers works better on a regular basis than mine does!), per her suggestion, I am putting together a video demonstrating and describing foot care techniques on... Read More

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    NNBA can help you get the word out. Didn't you say you are joining?

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    Sorry...didn't mean to open up a can of worms for Lois Jean.

    As usual I have spoken/written before apologies. :imbar
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    Mattsmom: I am very fond of worms! Especially when they're all twisted up and in a big, writhing ball. I like untangling them until they're all seperated. (I do this gently so that not one of them is squished or ripped apart.) They seem so much more comfortable and I feel that I have accomplished a good thing.

    All of the above postings have been a valuable source of new learning for me. This is what you folks do the most for me...teach me in those areas where I am lacking. You give me incentive to research. This always serves to keep me from jumping into the abyss before looking at what I'm jumping into.

    Yes, I am joining the NNBA. I know I will find answers to many of my questions there.

    Thanks, all of you again for the support!

    Lois Jean
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    Mattsmon, my remarks were not directed at you, Just want you to know.
    This is a great thead, I was just afraid that the thread in genereral was as risk. But we are still here so maybe we didn't cross the line yet. I need a little avatar guy wiping sweat from his brow
    Last edit by Agnus on Feb 2, '03
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    Opps! I was trying to put a smile face on the above post and I accedently put the guy sticking his tonge out. Boy that would have been a real mistake. No it was not a froiden slip (now I know that can't be spelled right) I did not see the little tongue when I click on it. It was just smiling.
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    I was happy for the reminder Agnus and did not take offense....I would not want this forum to end either...I always leave this site so refreshed, excited and optimistic.

    It gives me hope for the future of so many good nurses to read what ya'll are accomplishing!!

    Please keep sharing...

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