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Hello....I am seriously doing some intensive work on transitioning out of my current situation in geriatric care. I absolutely hate it and since I have been in it for about 4 plus years all of the... Read More

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    can someone please give some more info on how and where to obtain the INP #,
    how to get started. I am in CA

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    Go to and follow the links. You'll need your NPI (National Provider Number) and your INP (Independent Nurse Provider) before you can bill for Medi-Cal patients.
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    Any independents in Texas? What can I charge for ? Wound care, IV therapy?
    Anyone know?
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    Is Calif the only state that lets an individual nurse bill medicare for services?
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    i also want to know about any texas indy providers. have there been any that have started a home agency. i heard there is a new rule saying you have to have 80k in the bank before they let you run one now. is that true? i haven't read elsewhere about that so i'm skeptical.

    some one...anyone....from texas....let me know what's the deal.

    also let me know how long it took to start up after the requirements. how long before finances start coming in, and how many employees you have?
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    Isnt medicare a federal program with the same rules in all states? I am in NY and wonder if an RN in NY can independently bill medicare?
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    Any independents in NC???
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    Any independents in Florida?
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    I don't know about other states, but in WI. we, as independent nurses certified with the state, providing private-duty, don't bill Medicare, only Medicaid.
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    Quote from CharlaRN
    I'm an Independent Nurse Provider (RN) with Medi-Cal (California's Medicare). In California, you do not need to be a NP. I needed a certain number of hospital hours in my field (Peds) in the previous two years in order to apply for my INP #.
    Medi-Cal needs a Plan of Treatment (POT) signed by the MD and a Treatment of Authorization (TAR) for a patient, and they then give that patient a certain # of billable nursing hours. You take care of the patient, and bill Medi-Cal. About 500years later, they'll pay you (just kidding - but, plan on 6 months from starting the paperwork for your INP to getting your first paycheck - absolutely NOT kidding about that!)
    i'm looking for INP provider.if you can give me more information and are you working as your own?

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