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Im wondering if anyone here has recent experience with Massage Therapy in this economy? I am thinking about going to MT school. Anyone here doing massage full time? If so, are you able to support yourself? How do you like... Read More

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    I am a licenced massage therapist, have been for about 6 yrs, and the economic crash was devistating. So much so that I decided to go back to school to become a nurse with massage focus. I specialize in rehabilitation already so I thought it would be a good blend of skills with better long term stability. I have been concerned with finding work that emphysizes the massage therapy aspect. In my 6 yrs, massage never really paid the bills but it is a passion so I stuck with it. I could have probably done better financially if I worked in the spas but my focus is medical massage and if insurance companies won't pay for it often patients won't either. If you are already a nurse transfering to massage the pay cut would be devistating. However I have been "assured" by many nursing school recruiters that the demand for a combination of alternative modalities with nursing is increasing. If this is what you are considering then I would recommend a school with limited modalities, no more than 6, so you get a sound foundation in massage. Many schools offer too many modalities in their basic program so you get a lot of surface learning but no deep foundation in the basic modalities.

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    I am a part time massage therapist (full time nursing school student!), living in Chicago. I've been a full time working MT for about 5 years up until a couple years ago when my employer started doing Groupons, and my pay got cut in half, and I decided to channel my ambitions for helping people into nursing. I want to caution that in the spa/massage industry, whether it's a chiropractor, or a spa, or a hotel, both your clients and your employer (not all the time of course, but enough that it makes you a little sad) will try to get one over on you. And when people say "you probably won't get rich," what they mean is, "you'll probably not make more than $30,000/year full time." Of course, everyone's experience is different, and where I am in my life, I've not pursued a more entrepreneurial direction with my skills. I love love love massage. There really is no other profession as inherently rewarding. But I need to be able to retire and take care of my mother, and I can't bank on finding a rich spouse. God just didn't make me like that. ;-)
    But you know, I will always treasure my education and experiences as an MT, learning the different modalities, the different ways that TCM and Aruvedic medicine regards the body/mind/spirit, my instructors, peers, and clients. I plan on continuing practicing massage for as long as my body will let me.
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    At least Groupon normally has a limit on their 'specials'. And even worse than spas that charge $90, or even $200 for a massage (yet pay those therapists maybe 20% of that), are places like Massage Envy. ME might only charge $30 or so after the monthly fee, but the therapist might only be paid $15 an hour or so, and then depend on your generous tips to pay their bills. If you think about this, you are really not saving money by going to such places. And, if your massage therapist ain't happy, you are not going to receive the best of their ability.

    Here's the better option: Support your local, independent massage therapists! They are worth their weight in GOLD.

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