Foot massage

  1. 0 Hi folks
    I am a foot care nurse in Canada.
    I enjoy a foot massage and I include a short one in my practice but would like to obtain a DVD showing foot massage. Do any of you know any sources?
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    Hi Sallyspring,

    I viewed several demos on youtube that were helpful.
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    Havent watched it but this company usually has legit products...
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    I agree that products from MassageWarehouse are high quality, but before you purchase a DVD, do check out the YouTube videos. Some of them are amazingly instructive. Learn a few techniques and practice on yourself and family. It's good to trade with a partner, too, because once you know what feels good, your hands will intuitively find a way to share that. Go ahead and experiment - after all, whoever came up with the "official moves" must have done some experimentation along the way. If you have a healing intention it will come through in your touch even if you are a beginner. With practice, your routine will flow gracefully. In NE Pennsylvania, there is a massage course for nurses held each summer in conjunction with a local charity bike ride to fight cancer; the nurses learn a massage routine and provide a short massage for cyclists after the 100 mile ride. Some participate for Continuing Ed credits, but others just volunteer. It's a fun time.

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