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I have been interested in starting a foot care service for some time now and after reading posts from LoisJean feel this is something I can do. I would like to start out by receiving some kind of... Read More

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    You can also try connecting through a Find A Foot Nurse on the web. There is also a forum there to connect with other foot nurses.

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    I charge 60 for an hour home visit and Canadian Vets are paid out at 50 per visit. The way I see it, physios, massage therapists charge a lot more than that as well as aestheticians for a pedicure which can be upwards of over 100 dollars.
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    Sorry it took so long to get back on the forum and answer the questions about Dr. Overstreet.
    Yes, she teaches using the dremel. She also says that sterilization is not required. Those are the two things that I knew (from listening to all of you) I didn't agree with. I went to her because I wanted the knowledge from the medical "model". From that, I could incorporate it into my nursing "model".
    Although she uses the dremel, she uses specialty pieces on it that are offered especially for foot care by the manufacturer. She doesn't just buy a dremel and use the bits that come with it. She also teaches the use of manual hand instruments.
    She helped me a lot with the business aspect. I was the only one in the class that was planning on venturing out on my own, so she spent one-on-one time with me after class. She offers her students her assessment forms (with her name taken off) for you to use in your practice. She is more than willing to be there for you after you take her class.
    I am saving my money to purchase a podiatry drill. Ouchy. I also just purchased the book she HIGHLY recommends for the exam. Foot Care for the Salon Professional by Godfrey Mixx. I got it from Barnes/Noble for about $60 with free standard shipping and it arrived in no time! I will be sitting for my exam as soon as I can get through this book.
    After my hands-on training, my mother-in-law passed away from a brain tumor. That pretty much put a stand-still on getting my business up and running. I'm ready to tackle this now but it's been about 3 months since I've done training and I am considering going through training again. Just don't tell my hubby...he'll think I'm a nerd.
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    Wow, Dr. Overstreet sounds great. Where does she teach out of? I would love to pass her info on to others. Have you found out where to purchase a drill? I know of an amazing US nurse who sells podiatry drills. I will see if I can find her contact info....
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    She teaches out of the Seattle, Washington area. I haven't looked for a drill in a few months, so I can't remember the websites. You have my email now, so I would love that info on the RN that sells them!
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    Yah, I posted a link to Laura in another forum, it's related to her seminars on foot care:,
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    Where are all of the foot care nurses?
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    I am here still LOL. I am still chugging away at setting up my home based clinic. My Physio aide advised me to use a table rather than a chair ( she did a lot of foot care) and I decided to go with that as I am also trained in adjusting the lap bands. I am collecting clients meanwhile and provide services in their homes until my clinic is opened.
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    Hi fellow foot care nurses, I'm new to this business in Georgia, and this is my first post. But I've been reading this thread for awhile and it's been very helpful. I took the class at Emory, loved it, and the exam in 2010. I started my own practice last winter (2011), and I'm doing mostly home visits through a local agency, and have a couple of clinic days at local senior living centers.

    In response to some recent topics, I use a podiatry drill, I love it and found in my clinical that patients could feel uncomfortable with the dremel. Nothing against dremels, I have one, but I'm able to do almost anything quickly with my podiatry drill, and it's comfortable for clients. I also got the dvd set being sold online by a nurse, so helpful, and I've learned a lot from local foot care nurses.

    I struggle with what to charge, instrument cleaning, and how to market, and I still have so much to learn. I find it very rewarding, and my clients love the service. I just wanted to weigh in and say thanks to all of you for your wisdom and advice, and best of luck too.
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    Hi BLessedskmom,
    Glad you are joining in on the conversation. I am attending the Emory class next week.
    How long after the course did you take the exam and what materials did you use to prepare?
    There is another blog that you can check out's a little slow there too but has good info. PM me if you care to connect to compare some notes.
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