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I have been interested in starting a foot care service for some time now and after reading posts from LoisJean feel this is something I can do. I would like to start out by receiving some kind of training but cannot find anyone... Read More

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    Angelbear: Take yourself and your toes to a podiatrist. Let him decide the diagnosis and treatment. There are many conditions which mimic the appearance of onycomycosis but a culture of the nail itself is the most accurate and appropriate way to diagnose. Secondly, there comes a time for most of us when pretty feet is no longer the norm. Our feet take terrible punishment over time...let me just say: thank the gods we don't walk on our faces!
    Where I come from we have a saying: 'the only ugly foot is the one that isn't there'.
    Have a professional check your feet...forget pretty and think "functional".

    Just a suggestion.


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    I hate to do this guys and gals... let's try to be careful and be respectful of the TOS (terms of service) of this bulletin board.

    PM me if you have any questions.

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    This is the first time I have posted any message on this forum. I found the forum by doing a search on the interenet on foot care courses and came up with I am a foot care nurse in private practice in California and have owned my own business for 8 years. There is not much in the way of foot care courses in the US, but Canada has many training programs and might be worth checking out. There is an annual foot care nurse course on the first Monday in October in Winnepeg that I presented at a few months ago that was great. There are 240 foot nurses in the provence of Mannitoba. I do not think there are half that number in the entire United States! The Canadians are far more organized than we are. The WOCN ( Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nurse organization) is in the process of developing a certified foot care program for RN's. I would like to know if the LVN's in the USA have any certified programs because they should be doing this too. There is definetely a major role that LVN's have in foot care. My approach is team work and I am working with and training both LVN's and RN's for my business. I would love to hear from anyone on this subject.
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    I am currently partway through a footcare for nurses course at Red River College in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. There are very complex aspects for providing footcare and this course involves 44 hours of lecture time and a practicum. It teaches basic footcare, ilnesses and deformaties of the foot and how to advise treatment and when to refer to specialists. I'm learning many valuable things about finding proper footwear and treating ulcers of the foot an leg.

    I wouldn't advise anyone to go into the business of providing foot care unless they have taken specialized training.
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    Hi everyone,

    I took a course in foot care in Canada as well, because the US is far behind in this area. They have a 2 day course in Seattle Washington every year for foot care for nurses, put on by the Podiatry association. I have been to it 3 times now. They are slowly getting there. They have recommendations and they recommend this course and a follow up with observing a Podiatrist for so many hours. However, I know that Canada has actual laws and regulations for nurses to do foot care and that is why they have so many teaching certification programs available. I do foot care and I agree that no one should do it without the proper training. I am an LPN. Hope this is helpful!

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    If you copy and paste this web page, you should get information on a Level One foot care course for health professionals given by the folks at LEAP ( Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention Program) in Louisianna. It is a diabetic foot course but anyone interested in foot care needs to be well educated on the aspects of diabetic foot care. Hope this helps.

    This is a sample of one of their Level 1 courses. I have not taken a course there but it sounds pretty interesting.

    Outline a staged diabetes management program
    Understand the mechanics of foot injury and pathway to lower extremity amputation in diabetes
    Identify the foot at risk of injury and amputation in diabetes
    Outline a comprehensive approach for the prevention of diabetes foot problems
    Correctly measure shoe fit in the high risk individual
    Outline treatment principles for diabetes foot lesions
    Perform a diabetes foot screen, assess the risk category and formulate an appropriate treatment plan

    8:00 Registration, Coffee and Introductions
    8:30 Staged Diabetes Management - L Pennington
    9:15 Mechanics of Foot Injury in Diabetes - C Patout
    10:00 Break
    10:30 Identifying the Foot at Risk - J Birke
    11:15 A Comprehensive Prevention Approach - C Patout
    12:00 Lunch
    1:00 Footwear for Injury Prevention - J Birke
    1:30 Management of Foot Ulceration and Charcot Fractures - J Birke
    2:15 Break
    2:30 4:00 Foot Screening Practice Lab: (Required for Level-1 LEAP Certificate, wear appropriate clothing)

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    Foot Care for Salon Professionals by Dr. Oscar Mixx published by Malady Press ( I think) Look on Great book, should be called Foot Care for Health Care Professionals. WAY beyond the scope of practice for pedicurists. I took an 8 hour class by him that was great and was given at a trade show for the Cosmetology Professionals in Sacramento last year. Good luck!
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    but don't you think it's a little scarry that salon workers are attempting procedures beyond simple pedicures?
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    Laura and nightengale,

    That's the same book I bought. It is a good one. The one I really wanted was out of stock on amazon, something about foot care for nurse practitioners. But the salon one helped me when I was going up to canada for my training in foot care, I read what I could on the plane ride. It was very easy to follow and had some good information in it.

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    I took my foot care training a few years ago, and I also go to an annual foot care seminar here in washington for nurses put on by the podiatry association. I just like to keep up on things and learn as much as i can about foot care. The training in canada was definitely worth it for me.


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