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Good Morning: I am an LPN and I am currently in school to become an RN. I also work full time as a Regional Clinical Director for a nursing home management company. I know as an RN the skies are the limit in regards to... Read More

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    Met a nurse who owned her own medical supply service, DME and other equip. Thought it was an interesting concept.

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    I once knew an LPN who owned and operated a trade school that trained people to become medical assistants, childcare workers, and computerized office clerks. She also served as the school's 'director of education.'
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    I have been an LPN for over 20 years and yes, it does not matter what your title is, what matters is how much experience you have in the field, how tenacious (and mentally strong) you are and the positions that you settle for. I meet RN's every day that cannot perform the same jobs that I can, due to lack of experience and knowledge. I find many of them are in awful positions, at the mercy of the business they are working under.

    In nursing, it all depends on the opportunities that you seek, and the positions that you settle for. I've worked many jobs from hell, and in some great positions as well. I currently am looking to become a private duty & private pay nurse, to be able to make more money rather than working under an agency.
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    I am a LPN ready to go on welfare because the HHC company I work for only gives me 1 patient at a time. I have over 10 yrs experience on a telemetry floor. I made business cards to try promoting myself as an consultant. Do you have any suggestions? I do not need a RN to supervise me or do I? Oh! I just turned 50 and probably will go back to school, but until then.....
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    A consultant does not need any supervision, RN or otherwise.

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