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My dad used to go to Adult Day Care three days a week. It gave my mom a break, and he thought he was going to a club; he loved it! Does anyone know how I can find out about opening a Day Care Center for adults?... Read More

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    Are you talking about a sort of respit type thing? A casual place for a few elderly to meet and socialize while care provider takes a break? I think that would be excellent idea and filling a HUGE need. I never thought of that. I hope you persue it. I think you just gave me a goal for my career. Good luck.
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    Thank you, everyone, for your kind support.

    Angelbear, there IS a huge need for this type of care. My dad had dementia and my mom took care of him at home. She was exhausted. I found a day services program in the basement of a local church for him, and a bus took him there three days a week. They had coffee and rolls, read the newspaper, played games, and made crafts. He loved it!

    My dad was terrified of having to go to a nursing home, but my mom needed help. This program was perfect, because he thought he was just going to a Senior Citizens group. One of the men there called it "going to work".

    I was thinking of starting a program similar to that one: a small group of seniors who just needed someplace to go during the day.
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    I'm interested in starting this type of service in my town!
    Is there anyone else out there trying to do this also? If so, maybe we can support each other.
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    Glad to see your still considering it Nancy. Same for you nurse robin.