Any nurses with Personal Care Homes?

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    I am interested in starting a personal care home. I have been a registered nurse for 22 years and am currently working in long term care. My husband and I also have a real estate business so finding the home would not be a problem. Just would like to get some assistance in starting this type of business. How do you charge? How is it funded, if there is any funding? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    are you still looking for information. . . I can help.
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    I am. Do you have experience?
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    What state are you in ?
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    I am in the state of Pennsylvania. What kind of assistance could you provide? I am looking for any grant funding to this type of business.
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    I live in Georgia and would like information on this also.
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    I think you should contact your state government, perhaps the Health department or Senior Services office, or ask your secretary of state where to begin?

    Contact CMS, too.

    I've often wanted to do this, never have had the gumption. Good luck.

    Or the Dept. of Mental Health. Or visit a couple of homes, find out who licenses them. They need not know the purpose of your visit.
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