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Hi there, Gosh I am so excited to be done with my footcare course that I attended in San Diego through Shelly Taylor! The course was awesome and I learned alot. Now just passing the test. I have formed my LLC and am thinking of... Read More

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    Hey Bizi...if you go to a facility and do group care, does each person get a file that you hold on to? What about senior centers where it isn't a medically based location?

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    I don't do group care or senior centers I only do one on one.
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    Bizi, I live in Louisiana as well and have been tossing the idea of doing in-home foot care around. How do you obtain a physicians order to provide intermediate level care?
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    I fax over orders and they sign them and fax them back to me. very easy.
    where do you live? I live in lafayette.
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    I don't do foot care, but I have my own business taking care of kids with disabilities in their homes. I love it. Although now I feel like I am losing my skills I paid dearly to obtain :/ I'm in school now for my RN and hoping I can do the same business.
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    I live in Shreveport. Do you fax the orders to the clients primary MD? I think I may go ahead and find a certification course near me, seems like a good place to start..also what types of services do you provide most?
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    yes to their primary or internist. For the most part it is a pedicure.
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    I just met with the womens business center to get their assistance with my business.
    They will help me in getting my business separated from my personal accounts, help me with marketing,
    they will help me spruce up my web sight and marketing material. So I am excited about that.
    Therer is no charge for their services.
    Will keep you updated.
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    I am nurse in Texas and am currently providing Diabetic foot care on an outpt basis. I recently went to Emory University and completed their Diabetic Foot care course and plan to take the CFCN exam in the near future. I have been approached by family and friends to provide foot care for their elderly family members. I am now contemplating starting my own business.

    Is there any information / advice you can offer. Also I see above that you are sending a request for orders to the pts PCP. Is this a requirement in Lousiana? It is my understanding from a nurse in another state she does not need MD orders. I have contact the Texas BON for any advise and have not heard back. I've searched their site and everything is so broad it is hard to interpret.

    I thought I would start doing this as extra work on the weekends and as my client base builds go part time at my current job and eventually (hopefully within the year) have my own business full time.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    just wanted to let you know there is a foot care nurse category under specialties.
    Yes it is required in my state that I obtain md orders which I then fax over and they sign them and fax them back and I maintain charts on my clients.we had a 3 page directive on foot care for this state. get back to your board.
    best bizi
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