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Hi there, Gosh I am so excited to be done with my footcare course that I attended in San Diego through Shelly Taylor! The course was awesome and I learned alot. Now just passing the test. I have formed my LLC and am thinking of... Read More

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    You're welcome! Best of luck to you!

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    For all of you with your own foot care business....
    Please share your most successful marketing strategies. I am having great difficulty finding seniors who are NOT under the care of a podiatrist. I have no interest in competing with podiatry. I would like to find a way to market to those who don't meet the requirements for insurance coverage but still require care. So far, I have direct marketed to a few community centers where seniors gather. I set up an attractive info table in these venues and have left info packets in various offices as well. Those that I speak with seem very enthused about the idea of a foot care nurse coming to their homes. People remark what a great idea it is because there is so much need. Yet, I only have 3 clients after 5 months of getting the word out.
    Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are completely monopolized by Podiatry. I want to market to senior apartment complexes but can't get past the locked doors and the NO SOLICITING policies.
    I will be doing a large health fair in June and was thinking of offering free foot health screenings there. Next week, I plan to sit with a professional printing/advertising company to discus an ad design, or maybe a postcard design for direct mail. I'm worried about having to spend mucho $$$$ just for advertising. Any thoughts or words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated???....especially before my meeting next week.

    Thank you
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    HI yrmajesty,
    How is it going?
    I continue to struggle with marketing. I am getting referrals from a nurse practitioner who makes house calls for their medical needs, I have received several referrals from a physical therapist friend who looks at all of her patients feet, and calls when she sees a need.
    I have an advertising on my car that I still get calls from.
    Some may not like this but I advertise..."in-home pedicures"
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    Have you presented them with the idea, that your fees are probably less than Podiatrists? Mabe if you can get the idea across that your services are equal to the Podiatrists, that the almighty $ can sway them? Perhaps offer something that they don't?

    Can you combine foot care and diabetic teaching, foot care, etc? Make yourself stand out from the others.

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Somewhere in the PACNW
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    The fact is that I do charge more than a podiatrist, but they may spend 7 minutes with them if that. I provide a much better service, am convinced of this, I know of not one pod who would soak their clients feet and exfoliate their dry skin. I am in the home about an hour.
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    Quote from bizi
    The fact is that I do charge more than a podiatrist, but they may spend 7 minutes with them if that. I provide a much better service, am convinced of this, I know of not one pod who would soak their clients feet and exfoliate their dry skin. I am in the home about an hour.
    I just got asked to come to a facility because the podiatrist they were using was billing Medicare over a hundred $ per resident and he with them for about 5 minutes. The families were not pleased. When I told the director about my services (including foot soak, lower leg assessment, massage), she was thrilled. And, I charge about a quarter what the podiatrist was charging.
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    He may be chargeing that amount but he is only reembursed a very small amount...a podiatrist once asked me to not referr any clients to him on medicare because he made so little from them. At least that was a few of years ago.
    Good for you and the new facility awesome! congratulations!
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    I am looking for work and cruising topics. Your foot care idea is wonderful! I wanted to do this a few years ago, and spoke with a "mobile M.D. " i worked with. We dropped the ball and never met to discusss. When I was a Hospice Case Mngr, I found many a foot in ill repair, and I wanted to be a mobile foot care nurse and didn't know if there was such a nurse.
    I too wonder what the P & P is and who we work under according to the Nurse Practice Act. (CA) I am confident in my marketing and have an excellent network, I just need to know the steps and particulars, mainly, job description and legal limits.
    Do podiatrists hire RN 's for such ministry, I mean , work? A true entrepenuer will research all these topics and brave the unexplored path. Is this the forum to learn of such particulars? I suppose I should make a list of what I need to know. I am not sure what I need to know..... you know?
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    Ugh, I just typed this long reply and hit the "leave a comment" button on the bottom right. Wrong button.
    I took my training from someone who lives in No. Cal. and she has been a foot care nurse for 17+ years, mostly on her own. Hopefully someone from cali will chime in here and give you particulars since I wouldn't want you to rely on my info.
    I live in Idaho and I work within my scope according to our BON. I am providing for activities of daily living, for which I was taught to do in my general nursing education and I have gained further education to provide for this specialty. I have my own clinic (still working on an opening date though) and provide home care. My business isn't completely off the ground yet, but I expect some problems with Dr.'s questioning my scope. I'm prepared. I want to work along side them, not against them, so we will see how it goes when I go out and market myself to other Dr.'s and podiatrists. That will be a big test. I need pods to refer to though, so hopefully they will accept this nursing venture and come to realize that it is the way of the future!!!
    I highly recommend that you get your CFCN and save up to buy the appropriate tools/instruments. If we want to be taken seriously, we must be as professional as we would expect someone to be for us. Most pods don't even use the podiatry drill that I purchased. They use a dremel which is really not appropriate for health care. I give my clients the best of the best. I have nothing to hide! Good equipment, good instruments (well...those could be better but man nippers are expensive), and good products. People love nurses!
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    good luck it is a great business to be in and desperately needed. Your clients will love you. Look to your state board of nursing there may already be regs in place for you to follow. My state requires orders from a physician, so I maintain charts on all of my clients. Good luck

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