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Which is best 3p-3a or 7p-7a - page 2

So I'm currently waiting to start a ER night position either 7pm to 7am or 3pm 3am, I'm not sure which one for sure. If I take the 3-3 I'm not that worried about sleep. Its the 7-7 that scares me.... Read More

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    I like 3p-3a because you can get better sleep. It is a much busier shift than 7p-7a though. I like busy though. I'm moving to 11a-11p.
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    I find both to be busy, the afternoon is busier than the early morning but I don't really find that outweighs the benefit of being asleep at 0400, which provides me with far better sleep than any amount of sleep during the day.
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    One thing about 7-7 is that in the winter, here anyway, you're driving to work in the dark and driving home in the dark...