Trinitas ER Residency program

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    Has anyone applied to the Trinitas ER residency program starting next year?
    -12 weeks clinical and classroom time
    -will be certified in glucometer, phlebotomy, ACLS, PALS
    -cost $3200 for Trinitas graduates and $3700 for other graduates.

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    Damn, they charge you? I did a residency elsewhere and everything was paid for. I also got full RN base pay and benefits. I wouldn't really want to pay for anything but that's just me. I don't know about you, but I already have even to pay for with my student loans! If you're interested in starting in the ED and it seems worth it to you, best of luck!
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    Is this with a hospital?
    I did an "internship" with my hospital, but I was paid RN salary and they paid for my PALS, ACLS recert.
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    Yes, it is with a hospital and no we will not get paid.
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    They charge us, that how bad things are getting he in New Jersey....and thanks
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    I'm glad you started this thread. About a month ago, I started receiving e-mails from about Trinitas nurse residency program. I live in NYC and it's two hours away by public transportation. Things are pretty tough job wise for new grads in NYC but Trinitas requires too much up front for their program (malpractice insurance, drug test, physical and almost $700). Geez! AND you don't get paid. Thats nuts! Personally, its just too much for me to consider. This is the first residency program I heard of that YOU have to pay them.

    Did you decide to apply? What happened?
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    At this point this is something that I would consider. Do anyone else know of other residency program that is paid for.
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    I wouldn't even consider it if there isn't some assurance of a paid position waiting upon successful completion.

    If there were, I'd jump at it... $250/week to a FT job ain't such a bad investment.

    Is Trinitas a hospital or an established program like Versant? If it's the latter, I'd be hesitant since they can't offer you a job.
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    ^^Versant wasn't all that its cracked up to be either in my opinion. I would never pay to work somewhere unless it had a nice contract stating that after completion you will be employed.
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    As a new grad, being promised a job is AWESOME. But at least, they should pay those that intern at their hospital. It's experience to put down on your resume and you're getting paid.

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