Trinitas ER Residency program

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    Has anyone applied to the Trinitas ER residency program starting next year?
    -12 weeks clinical and classroom time
    -will be certified in glucometer, phlebotomy, ACLS, PALS
    -cost $3200 for Trinitas graduates and $3700 for other graduates.
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    Damn, they charge you? I did a residency elsewhere and everything was paid for. I also got full RN base pay and benefits. I wouldn't really want to pay for anything but that's just me. I don't know about you, but I already have even to pay for with my student loans! If you're interested in starting in the ED and it seems worth it to you, best of luck!
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    Is this with a hospital?
    I did an "internship" with my hospital, but I was paid RN salary and they paid for my PALS, ACLS recert.
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    Yes, it is with a hospital and no we will not get paid.
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    They charge us, that how bad things are getting he in New Jersey....and thanks