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I currently work in outpatient oncology/infusion therapy. In a previous life, I used to work in a small ED. I called it a "Mom & Pop" ED; nothing fancy, no trauma, just your usual ED stuff. I have been toying with the idea of... Read More

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    TNCC is easy. I enjoyed it.

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    i'm aware that this is an old post, however, i wondered if the op did ever decided to take the tncc? having said that, many moons ago when i was nm i took both the atcn & the tncc a couple of months apart just for the challenge and the extra experienced i gained. moreover, plus i got reimburse by the facility where i worked at the time. unquestionably, in my own experience i believed that the atcn was more of a challenge than the tncc both in hands on plus on the written test, although this could vary from person to person. needless to say, i was the 2nd. nurse in the room along with a bunch of residents. on this level, the atcn assisted me in going further in my career as an experienced trauma nurse in those days. although, i must say that some facilities don't care if you have either one under your belt, however, it's good to have the knowledge whenever you as a nurse is surrounded by those that have taken the test and you're able to place your 2 cents regarding the topic on hand... just saying
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    Don't see why you couldn't pass it. And it is interesting material...enjoy!

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