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Does anyone think starting as a new nurse in the ER is a good idea? One of my final placements as a nursing student is in the ER and I LOVE it. Just unsure about where to apply when I'm done, I've... Read More

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    I really love this comment! !!
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    You should definitely go for it! as long as you have a preceptor who teaches you well and you ask as many questions as you can you can definitely do it! Best of luck!
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    Quote from kanishaw24
    I think starting out in the ER is awesome. You get a lot of great experience. You honestly use all of your nursing skills and more when working in the ER. I have been in the ER for 3 years.
    I think finding jobs that take new grads in the ER may be a little difficult. Some ERs would like nurses to have at least 6 months of experience prior to going to the ER. When you do start out in the ER as a new grad you will have to go through a longer orientation.
    The only downside is how fast new grads are able to get organized and use to there environment. If you never worked in a hospital setting it may be harder to get use to. It is a fast pace environment. It requires you to think quickly and at times use some creative thinking. But you do have a longer orientation which would work out well. Some new nurses are actually able to get comfortable with a new environment quickly.

    Hope this helped!
    Thanks so much! This was very helpful!
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    I'm a New Grad at a teaching hospital and level 1 trauma center. We are also cross trained in both the adult and pediatric ERs. I think that starting out in the ER is great, but you need to be in the right ER and you have to go in with the right mindset. The ER you start in should have a solid new grad program (from my experience and what I've read, about 4 months with consistent preceptors), and preferably be a hospital that has a culture that accepts new people/students/etc. If you can find a hospital and program like that, then you will find your transition so much easier.

    As far as the right mindset to thrive as a new nurse you need to be a self starter, be quick on your toes, and also be okay with man/womaning up and admitting when you need help or don't know your head from your tail. Some people might disagree with me, but I don't think that the ER is a good place to start if you insist on having a "fake it until you make it" attitude. Especially starting out, you need to be mature enough and wise enough to admit when you need help or are overwhelmed, since the flow of the unit and also patient status can change so rapidly in the ER.

    In short, if you're up for the challenge and find a place that is a good fit for you, do it!! Good luck with everything, and I hope to read about your success as an ER nurse in the future!
    Thank you so much! I hope to get there one way or another haha. Cheers