Rapid triage assessment

  1. I am looking for ED's which are using a short or rapid triage system. That is to say, a facility that utilizes a staff member to collect basic demographic information and chief complaint, assign a priority and then the patient is put immediately into a treatment area for full nursing assessment and medical screening exam/treatment.

    My facility is redesigning processes and this model appeals to us but we would like to investigate further and talk with sites using a similar process. Please discribe your processes and your backup plans and triggers for initiating them.

    Please assist me if you can and thank you in advance.

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  3. by   Sarah, RNBScN

    We utilize a 5 tier system 1 - resuscitative to 5 non threatening. We have a triage nurse who assesses all pts. who present to ER prior to being admitted to ER in case they need asap attention.

    Let me know if your interested in what we have and I will snail mail you a copy of our triage sheets.

    We follow Canadian Triage Acuity Scale. It is a triage system that was adopted from Australia. It is very safe and practical to use. I feel it allows for patients to get the needed treatment they required in a safe and timely manner.


    PM me with your mailing address for the facility your working at.
  4. by   RNin92
    We also use a 5-Tier System, but it is the Estimated Severity Index (ESI). It is a great system and the only real difference between it and the Canadian and Australian Systems is that the ESI system doesn't have time associated with each tier.

    Tier 1-Needs Rescussitaiton
    Tier 2-Significant Risk of Loss of Life/Limb
    Tiers 3,4 and 5 are based on # of resources needed

    Tier 3-Needs 2 opr more resources
    Tier 4-Needs 1 resource
    Tier 5-Needs no reosurces

    Resources are:
    Medical Imaging
    IV Meds (not IVF)

    It is a great predictor of admissions and it has great reliability and validity.
    Good luck!!