Preparing for ED

  1. I had an interview yesterday for an ED position. I have previous nursing experience but NOT in the ED. Anyway, there is a good chance of me getting the position. So I just want to ask what books, websites, etc. did you guys use to prepare for the ED? I just want to have some working knowledge before starting.
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  3. by   DeBerham
    I was in a similar situation coming from a surgical unit to the ER. I would suggest the ENA online training course (I've been told it's rather expensive if you have to pay out of pocket for it though). There are roughly 60 individual programs and they cover just about everything that you'll need to know to get a good baseline knowledge of the ER and emergency nursing (as a side note, it's also a great prep for CEN). ENA also offers free online CEU classes which cover a pretty wide variety of topics and might serve as a good refresher/knowledge expander. The ENA's Emergency Nursing Core Curriculum book is also a good go-to reference.
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