Postpartum Depression

  1. I am studying postpartum depression. Has anyone noticed this in their daily practice?

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  3. by   CB
    Can't say I've noticed it in my daily practice as an ED nurse but I'm sure if we screened mothers who came to the ED for other reasons ie. a sick child that we would find alot of it. I can tell you that I suffered from post-partum depression myself so I know the terrible emotional roller coaster that it can be. After my first pregnancy 7 years ago I was an absolute basket case for at least 6 months and a lesser basket case for the better part of my son's first year. I cried all the time, I was so overwhelmed(which I think is typical of first time moms) and I really had minimal support since I have no family nearby. At first I just thought that this was just the way all new moms feel...then I would go back and forth between feeling like it was normal and then feeling as if it was not normal and that I should tell someone. I never did tell anyone....I just dealt with it the best I could which was a big mistake. I finally did tell my obstetrician but only when I found out I was pregnant again 5 1/2 years later. I let them know how I felt after my first child and that I was really afraid of going thru that again. I delivered twins in December 97 and had some depression during the first 2 weeks where I cried alot for no good reason but within the first month the depression seemed to magically disappear. I can't begin to explain why such a vast difference between the two pregnancies. Maybe this 2nd time I was just too busy to be depressed!!!!!