Post-Seizure Nursing Interventions....

  1. If a fully alert patient with a history of seizure disorder comes in reporting that he just had a seizure and he fell and hit his head and is complaining of n/v, vertigo, and bi-temporal headache, what would your nursing actions be?
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  3. by   emtb2rn
    Your back to back posts look like homework assignments. Why don't you outline what you would do in these situations and we'll provide feedback.
  4. by   lm8539
    1.) I would first have the patient sit down since he had vertigo.
    2.) I would assess the patient by palpating his skull, check his pupils, and get a set of vitals. Also check for weakness in the extremities (have him squeeze my hands and press down on my hands with his feet). While I was doing this I would make sure he was oriented (What is your name? Where do you live? What is the date? Can you tell me what happened?) I would listen for slurred speech.
    3.) I would start an IV to replace lost fluids. (Are there always standing orders for this? Can I always do this independently? Would I give the patient NS? What rate? Maybe 50cc/hr? Or do I wait for the doctors orders?)
    3.) If possible, I would ask someone to call the doctor so I could stay with the patient, or I would call him myself and advise him of the situation.
    4.) We would probably order a CT scan.
    6.) I would continue to ask the patient the following questions about his symptoms:
    When and where did you hit your head?
    Were you ever unconscious?
    Have you had any more seizures since the fall, or just the one?
    How long and how often have you been vomiting?
    Tell me more about the headache? When did it start? Has the pain gotten worse? What does the pain feel like? Do you have pain anywhere else? Do you have any tingling or numbness?
    Do you have any other symptoms such as: ringing in the ears, blurred vision, or a funny taste in your mouth?
    7.) Would I get an EKG? An EEG?

    Thanks to anyone who wants to help me with this
  5. by   lm8539
    COuld someone please review my answer post and give me some constructive feedback? I would appreciate the help.