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OK, not a long story... I just need some new ideas hopefully. I am trying to re-figure my current peds crash cart for our 18 bed ER. Currently i have a Breslow style cart. Color coded drawers... Read More

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    I do like the idea of the meds in a separate locked box, filled by pharmacy. I also like the idea of the io and iv supplies taken out of the cart and placed in a separate caddy...that's how we do peds iv already and the pca's can continue to stock that. I also like the idea of putting all the ett and blades together and just color coded them.....wonderful ideas everyone....thank you so much!

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    We use separate bins that are color coded to the Braslow. The bins contain larger items like ET tubes and OG/NG tubes, ect. that are appropriate for the weight group. The core cart itself holds the larygoscope blades, IO kit, IV kit and meds.
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    Quote from ImThatGuy
    Just a random thought as I watch tv here....

    Can you get color coded stickers or tape and mark the item with its corrsponding color on the Broselow tape?

    Make the top drawer airway for example and throw in a lot of color coded junk. That does nothing for me since I'm red-green color blind, lol. I have to read my crayons.

    Other than that...thin out the cart maybe?? We used a bag on the ambulance that corresponded to Broselow. I think we could service to pedi's out of the bag without refilling.
    that's how we have our peds Broselow carts. Each drawer is coded according to the broselow tape.

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