Nursing Survey "ER nurses burnout" Please complete survey for Master capstone project

  1. Introduction
    I am conducting a study on causative factors for anemergency room nurse's knowledge on factors contributing to nurse burnout andto identify any educational needs. For this study burnout can be described as,"burnout is a syndrome made up of emotional exhaustion, depolarization, andreduced personal accomplishment."You are invited to participate in a research project beingconducted by researchers from Western Governors University. I am conducting research to determine the nursing stress and burnout in the work environment. Description ofthe Project:

    Participationin the project involves completing a survey composed of questions involvingstress and burnout in the work environment. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the survey.

    Benefits and Risks of this Study:
    The study will help to develop a base of knowledge fornursing stress and burnout. It will also determine the correlation of a staff nurse'sknowledge and whether or not they are doing anything to fix the situation. Theresearch is important because a majority of a source of stress is workrelated. When there is work-relatedstress that is left unaddressed there are potential for other problems to occursuch as decreased productivity, employee turnover, less retention, absenteeismand a variety of physical conditions. Thereare no risks identified to this study.
    Your responses will be confidential and will identifyinformation such as your age, work experience and education. All data will be collected and the surveyswill not contain information that will personally identify you. The results of the study will be used forscholarly purposes only and will only be shared with Western GovernorsUniversity representatives.

    Your response is greatly appreciated. I am providing a link for the survey will only take a few minutes to answer. I will be collecting data for one week.

    Thank you for your time and response.

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  3. by   TheSquire
    Your questions look like they're missing some prompts, such as "How often do you:" for the first page. Also, I question your use of a 4pt scale rather than an odd-numbered likert scale. Also, where it asks me to enter my "number of years in the field and highest level of education" there's no place for me to enter them. I find your survey rather flawed, and am surprised your instructor and IRB let you put this out on the web.

    You do have IRB approval...right?
  4. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    Curious about the results. Any chance of posting some of your findings?