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Hi all! I am a new member to the site, but have puttered around here without being a member for a while now.. I am due to graduate from a BSN-RN program in December of this year and will start in the ER in mid-January with 4 to... Read More

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    Lots of water!

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    Quote from scrubsandasmile
    Did an MD prescribe you trazadone as a sleeping aid or was it prescribed for something else and then you noticed it also helped with sleep?
    I knew someone else who had it prescribed for sleep, so I asked my doc. Doc said ok.

    DC :-)
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    Sleep when you are tired, try to stay on one schedule. Eat well, get some exercise, take all of your vacation time. That one is mine. I like the old surgeon's mantra better, though: "Eat when you can, sleep when you can, !#@% when you can, and don't touch the pancreas."
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    Nights are awesome. A nice shift differential, don't have to deal with management (much).

    Try not to eat a meal when you go home, you will lose weight rather than gain it. I have seriously thick dark blinds and shades in my bedroom, and I also wear a pair of eye shades and it is no problem to sleep during the day.

    Once you are on nights, you will never want to leave. Other than being on a different schedule than your friends and family, but I can switch to a day schedule pretty easily. Helps to be young!
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    It's a huge help to sleep in a dark room during the day. My trick: Cut a large piece of cardboard to the size of every window in your room. Cover it with aluminum foil, shiny side out, then place in your windows when you're sleeping. I keep mine up all the time, but that's just me. Good luck!
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    If you choose to "snack" at night, granola, low fat yogurt, popcorn, etc during the night, Eat dinner before you go to work. Keeping with the normal circadian and basal cycle in you body will prevent significant weight gain. Eat a small heathy breakfast IF you can before leaving, so by the time you get home, you at least maintaining...make sure you get at least 6 hours of sleep-your body still needs adequate sleep. Eat a complex healthy lunch when you wake up as well. Since you need to sleep at night, NOTIFY people you will not be available until the afternoon...I also suggest an eye mask to achieve darkness. When your days are off, you may adjust to daytime cycle, so you can get things done, socialize, etc., but at least extend you awake time during the least until 2 am, then 3 or 4 am, so you can be ready to stay awake for your shift, then return to your day time cycle of sleep.
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    Thank you guys all so much for the amazing, helpful advice!! Can't wait to start in just a few weeks!!

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