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Hello all! I just graduated this December and got my RN license about a week ago. I worked full time through nursing school in a non medical field. I had multiple rotations in the ER during my... Read More

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    Quote from DavidRamirez
    Was it a matter of putting your applications out there or were you meeting with directors?
    I joined the ENA and went to a chapter meeting where I met my future boss, but mostly I was applying to ER jobs. Many ERs in my area hire new grads: the positions are just very competitive to get.

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    Hi..Im starting ER new grad position next month..if its ok I will PM u some???
    Quote from FERNtastic
    I am a new grad and was fortunate to start my nursing career in the ED at a large, urban, county hospital. I have been there 5 months now and love it. It did, however, take about 4 months after I was licensed and looking for a job full-time to get in. 300 people applied, 30 were interviewed, and 4 were hired, so yes, I was very lucky. The market right now for new grads is not great, with stories of new grads taking over a year to find their first nursing job. Ideally, you'll land straight into the department of your choice (the ED), but I wouldn't hold out for that in this market or you may be waiting for an extended period of time. My advice would be to take what you can get but with a plan. I was preparing to enact my plan C to go into an LTC facilty halfway across the country before my boat came in. First off, if you can get into a facility with an ED where you'd want to work, take it, doesn't matter which department (med-surg, OB, peds, whatever) as long as it's acute care and you can do the job in a professional capacity. Likely, after some time and experience you can transfer into the ED through an interdepartmental transfer. Alternatively, if you can't get the transfer approved, you'll have gained the magical one-year of acute care experience opening up opportunities elsewhere. The experience working will likely build on your nursing foundation developed in school and make the transition into the ED easier. Best of luck to you!
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    I've obviously got a lot to consider and all the feedback has been great, thanks everyone, I am looking in the Houston/North Houston area if anyone knows of any positions.
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    I think if your heart is set on the ED you should start there. Why waste a year or more doing a type of nursing that you're not interested in? If you are passionate about a certain area wouldn't your time be more well spent in that area? I am a recent grad and I know a few people in my class who got a job in the ED right out of school. Nowadays, I have heard of units such as the ICU telling new nurses who don't seem to be keeping up with the pace, "Why don't you work on a med/surg floor and reapply when you gain more experience..." so it just goes to show that many units will take new grads and evaluate their performance. Hope that helps!
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    Yes that does thank you, I guess what I was looking for was to hear that it is possible. I really dont think I will have that difficult of a time, I pick up things quickly and it doesn't take me long to be proficient at things, I know i would do great.
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    As an ER nurse... I will tell you starting as a new grad in the ED is not safer smart. Unless you start in an Er that has tiring where you start with low acuity patients and work up. You should have at least 2 years experience before taking on the Er. Er nursing is a whole different breed. I agree with you.. I always new where I was going to work I just had to get there.. I stared my nursing career in the NICU then after 2 years split m time between the 2 places..
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    That def is a major factor in my decision
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    Hello all,

    This is to anyone who wants to respond. I have an unique situation. I am currently an active duty military member and I plan to separate in 2014. I would like to work in the ED after separation. I have been deployed for 6 months, have 3 months civilian med/surg experience, and 4 years perioperative experience. I am certified in all the life support stuff and TNCC. I find myself getting nervous looking at openings for ED internships for experienced nurses who want to make a career change. Is this normal? Should I just apply for ED positions in Texas and see what happens or should I apply for an internship? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    From all the places I have been looking, you shouldnt have too much trouble finding a spot, especially with military background
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    What places have you been looking at? Do you work in an ED now? If so, where?


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