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I am a tech in the ED, I am graduating from nursing school in May and REALLY want to get hired on! Emergency care has been my dream since I was 3! Last semester we had 6 awesome techs apply for RN positions and only 1 got hired,... Read More

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    Go for ER and don't listen to anything else. Be willing to move. If your manager can't hire you, ask for recommendations and points on your resume and interview questions. Don't settle. Don't give up. Be willing to live somewhere you hate for one year. And remember, "Make it happen." Apply early. Call nurse recruiters. Call ED managers. Work every contact you have. Get ACLS and PALS. And best of luck.

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    Full staff is full staff. You might be a stellar performer
    but if there is no position right now then you might have
    to move on until there is another opportunity. Another
    ER perhaps?

    I would hate to think you have placed all hopes on the
    prospect of only one position. Do you have any other plan
    or looked at other options?

    Emergency medicine is dynamic to say the least. At your
    current facility what is the rate of turnover? Nation-wide
    it's pretty high. Burnout, mismatched personalities, and
    other factors mean there are openings in ER's all the time.
    Just be patient...

    I suggest looking at other hospitals and other positions.
    Just sayin'
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    something to improve the ER - find a way to streamline triage, find a way to get specialists to consult more quickly, find a better way to keep patients informed of when they will be put into a room to be seen; not sure HOW you can do these things, as I don't know your exact ER situation. But I think this is what you were asking, right?

    I'd say just keep a positive attitude and do get the credentials mentioned above, plus maybe ER certified, and do work the contacts you currently have.

    Congrats on graduating soon and best wishes. you'll get there. Just hold onto your dream. Achieve your goal one step at a time.

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