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Hello everyone I am currently facing a dilemma and I need some guidance. Today, I received a phone call to go in for an interview next week for a staff nurse position at a level 1 trauma center ER. I can't even say I am a... Read More

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    Two books by Tomas Garcia MD A book by Malcolom Thaler I don't care for Dale Dubin's book And the "Incredibly Easy" books sux.
    The "Incredibly Easy" books are great, I think, but the EKG one could be better.

    I personally like ECG Workout by Jane Huff RN. Very detailed but understandable and they give you A LOT of practice strips. For 12 leads, here is a free presentation from the AACN on recognizing and localizing MIs that I found to be very helpful: 12 Lead ECG Bootcamp Series: Using Case Studies To Interpret Ischemia, Injury & Infarction.
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    I stumbled up on this old thread and just wanted to say 6 months of working in the ER and it has been the best experience of my life! I only had to work a whooping ONE night shift and then officially switched to days. My orientation period was amazing, so many supportive people! I've been on my own for 2 weeks now and I feel great. Love my job, thanks everyone for your replies and advice.
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