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Is there any opinion?how to stop those drug seeker? Every time they came, we warned the doctor to not giving what they want but end-up with prescribed inj.peth,or T.mida.. :down: if not the about the doc? ..I... Read More

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    You can't save the world. If it's ordered and you want it, I'll give it. My energy is devoted to other things in my job.
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    Good question...I have not been able to discourage any of my patients that are drug seekers. They come in telling me in my admission assessment they want dilaudid and if not that Demerol IV. You can make the MD aware that the patient is a frequent flyer. Otherwise if it's ordered give it as prescribed to give yourself a couple of hours peace from them. I never can understand the nurses who withhold pain meds when it has been more than enough time with stable BP and mental status. It just makes your job so much harder.
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    getting docs to stop medicating the KNOWN seekers, would help. But, figuring that out would be a mission unto itself. Who really wants to miss that sick person...?
    Quote from Poochiewoochie
    How to we stop nurses and other medical professionals from thinking that everyone that presents to the ER in pain is a drug seeker?

    I just don't love them-nurses like that.

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