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I have been a nurse for 6 years. Five years med/surg, one year same day surgery. I am yearning to be in a fast paced environment where I can learn and grow. I applied to our I am scared to... Read More

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    Way to go! Now, be kind to yourself and don't beat yourself up too much when you don't "get it" right away. This is the biggest challenge I see with the new ED nurse. Give yourself time and room for growth as well as allowing yourself to make a few mistakes along the way....AND, YES, floor nurses do make it in the land of the ER! I've hired many! Best of luck.

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    Quote from njsmit.rn
    Yes it is! Brand new! I will be a fish outta water at first...I'm sure. Wonder if many floor nurses make it in the wonderful world of ER?!?
    Gotta start somewhere right? Ur one step ahead of the new grads seeing as you are already good at time management and medication understanding. (I'm a new grad, I'm not saying anything bad about new grads!)
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    Quote from njsmit.rn
    Yes it is! Brand new! I will be a fish outta water at first...I'm sure. Wonder if many floor nurses make it in the wonderful world of ER?!?
    Just remember the ED is not all that wonderful. It humanity at it's best and at it's worst at a break neck speed. People are anxious and rude to down right obnoxious or violent. ED nurses revel in the impossible and thrive in chaos. All ED nurses were new once and most came from the floors. Give yourself time.....this will be very different and you will feel like a new grad. It takes at least a year.

    Those who work the ED understand this and remember, for the most part, your encounter with these people will be brief because they

    1) either get discharged, admitted, transferred or dispo'd to the heavens
    2) Will Not be there tomorrow....and
    3) After all......tomorrow is another day.

    I wish you the very best
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    I've seen many floor nurses do well in the ED. Congratulations!!
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    I was a med surg RN for three and a half years- the ER is a different world but I am so glad I made the decision to transfer. While I'm truly grateful for the time I spent on the floor- and don't know how I would have done in the ED without it honestly, I learn something new in the ED every day- which wasn't something I could say about the floor after a while. It's a whole new way of thinking and prioritizing. Be patient with yourself while continuing to push yourself- I mean don't make excuses for yourself but recognize its a learning process. The organizational and assessment skills you needed as a floor nurse will serve you well. Good luck!!
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    Congrats!! I hope you end up loving the ER, I definitely do. Just be prepared to feel overwhelmed at first, and don't be afraid to ask questions/ask for help from your co-workers! ER nurses are usually great at teamwork. Best of luck!!
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    Plenty of nurses move from the floor to the ER. I did and very thankful for my time on the floor. I learned about medications and prioritization, and got my assessment skills down. You will have an advantage over a new grad coming to the ER. Good luck!

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