Help! Choosing between Paeds VS Adult emergency

  1. hi there Im currently working in the NICU and will be trying to get into a program in australia that takes nurses with no experience in Emergency and trains them up! So just wondering which is better to apply for as not sure what Ill like best? if anyone could shed some light that would be a great help! thanks!!!
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  3. by   sir.tipene
    I work in Paeds Emergency. I know here in Brisbane both kids emergencies the RCH and Mater are happy to look at nurses with no Emergency experience.Both have good orientation programs.Essentially just ring the hospitals directly and speak to the respective Nursing recruitment teams.Being in NICU you already have some kids skills.Where I work we have many neonatal presentations.
  4. by   janjan101
    thanks that was a lot of help!! I might just ring tomorrow!
  5. by   ErinBSN
    I have done both. I love the tiny humans the best. That being said, when you treat tiny humans, you also treat the ENTIRE family, that can get complicated.
    Adults, you assume they are rational and able to convey their complaint to you. Not always true. Also, I came from a straight ped's ED. I went into adult ED and I had to relearn myself. I had minimal cardiac experience (YIKES) and NO Stroke experience. That was a little scary. I went from being int he base of a large hospital to being in the middle of a building with NOTHING. A lot of these factored into my transition.

    That being said, I like my older population, I love kids. I see a lot of similarity. It's all about what your comfortable with. With kids, many nurses are initimidated to stick them because they will cry, many are scared of invasive procedures on kids. With adults, well than you have the person who hyperventiliates themself.

    It's really just preference.
  6. by   janjan101
    Yeah i love my babies but not sure I would like the kids side of things just because I would worry so much more about hurting them!! where adults I sorta see as they can take the pain lol thanks a lot nice to someone who did it who had no experience and survived!