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I had a pt's daughter come to the ED telling me she had given her father his third nitro and he was still having chest pain. I asked her where her father was and she said in the lobby. I had no... Read More

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    i thought with chest pain you do a stat EKG - a lot of time was spent before the EKG -- at least the reading would give you some ammo against the disgruntled family member.

    You didnt do anything wrong, and as others have mentioned you cant please everyone.
    Im a 2nd year student nurse, and I have so much love and respect for most ER nurses. You take verbal abuse, physical abuse, lucky to get a pat on the back from administration ..and yet you show up to work everyday ready to do it again! gotta love it

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    Sounds like you did nothing wrong.
    I have worked with some great nurses and doctors that have gotten totally bogus complaints from disgruntled patients and/or family members.
    We see so many people every day, it is impossible to please every person (especially the crazy ones) all the time. You will get patient complaints every now and then, no matter how good a nurse you are.
    All you can do is reassure yourself that you did everything correctly and to the best of your ability at the time and move on.
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    Quote from mwboswell
    We cant' sit here and second guess everything that was happening cause we don't have all the details.
    I'm not really sure what your question is...?

    If you are asking about the triage process here's my take:
    1) Regardless of where the pt signed into, doesn't mean they need to go there. Each pt is assessed by nursing based on their own merits. So he may have started out as a "walk-in" but could have been upgraded to main ER to treat
    2) One of the MOST COMMON lawsuits is missed cardiac complications so ALWAYS err on the side of caution. If your ER MD doesn't like this then tough crap; just remind them why THEY practice defensive medicine!
    3) I'm thinking cardiac workup for the following:
    -non traumatic cp
    -nearly ANY cardiac hx (esp recent surgery)
    -age > 40/45
    -personal/family Hx of cardiac
    -other medical conditions (DIABETES = red flag!)

    DO NOT let the useful ness of NTG fool you! Sometimes it may point to cardiac, other times not; EVEN when it works sometimes!
    DO NOT let the duration of symptoms fool you - CP for '2 weeks' can still be coronary/anginal equivalents; are they having an ACUTE MI right now? Probably not. But do they need to be placed in a MONITORED room and a cardiac assesment done ABSOLUTELY!!!

    Keep your chin up, remember you did right by the patient and that's the primary purpose!
    Yeah, but why should her boss dump her like that? Why should she suffer for being a good nurse trying to help the patient? Why are bosses such troublemakers sometimes? Why don't they back up their staff who are doing good work? Why is the moon made of green cheese?

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