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Hello - well I passed nursing school and I'm almost done with a 9 week graduate nurse externship I've been doing in the Emergency Department of a hospital here in New York and I love it! I'm also studying for the NCLEX-RN which... Read More

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    Take the job, it will make u a stronger nurse, they will know you hve thick skin for being able to handle a place like that!!

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    I'm a relative new grad---and I got a month and a hog orientation. :/ take it and be happy!

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    My year in ED comes next month. Although it feels like orientation was forever ago.. The veteran docs n nurses will still be there to help you, not leave you hang.. And they'll take into account you're newer.

    There's never a reason to NOT ask a few people's opinions when you're doing something you've never done.

    Orientation ending should not make you feel like you're cut off and left to fend for yourself. ER is team nursing.
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    Just because a hospital is pretty doesn't mean the patients are necessarily getting the best care....take the job
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    Quote from hortona1
    The way I look at it... Experience is experience. You need to have experience somewhere to get a job in the future. If it comes down to it in an interview just explain that it was a great experience. You got to work in an area and help the under-served. I am a new grad too and I am in the same boat. Do I take the job or pass in hopes that something better comes along. As a new grad your choices are limited without experience, so it's best to get the experience while its in front of you.
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