ER nurse for 5 years feeling kinda bummed out

  1. I have been a RN in the ER for five years now..I have TNCC ENPC ACLS PALS...I was looking at my paystub today got to thinking....what is the average pay in texas for someone with my experience?? I also feeling bummed because at work everyone is starting to talk about leaving then pay rates started being thrown around and guess what....I have been there longer than them and they make more hourly than I do!!! Wth?? Am I stupid for not asking for a raise? Do I need to go find another job?? I am comfortable where I home and my kids are happy friends...I have many reasons to stay where I am but I feel very betrayed by my facility when I have been a loyal staff employee...always work OT and come in when needed and come to find out I am the lowest paid ...sad sad sad...sorry guys I am just needing a vent session...thanks for listening...
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  3. by   bprlal13
    I think it doesn't hurt to ask for a raise, you'll be surprised that some employees that aren't that good actually get benefits by asking.. either about pay or shift, if they don't give you the raise, and you are happy with the work environment then ,don't let that bother you, I'm sure you would know went the time comes to look for another facility Best of luck to you!