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Looking for opinions and rationales as to why one area is better than the other for a nurse with an established med/surg background looking into critical care. Honestly, if I was offered an opportunity to do either I would take... Read More

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    Thank you! I love unpredictability, shifting modes. It keeps me excited about my job. However, I want to pursue a specialty where I can learn a lot, and be intellectually challenged. I feel I could learn much in either job, but I'm less convinced that Ed nurses become "experts"about certain conditions like a specialty ICU nurse could. But maybe I'm wrong?

    Your good Er nurses become expert at a lot of conditions, in the Er you must know a lot about a lot of different things
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    Different areas, neither "better" than the other. If you love details & have some ocd, head for the unit. If you love unpredictability & have some adh oh look, a squirrel, then head for the ed.

    The unit & er are players on the same team.
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    In a big ED, you will get some experience with invasive monitoring, drips, etc because the units are sometimes full so we end up boarding patients for quite a few hours.

    One thing I like about the ED is that we have regular interaction with the docs, who are generally very friendly and helpful, and always willing to teach.

    And when things go to crap, I can have three docs (attending, R1 and R3) in the room in under a minute - even at the microhospital, I had a doc nearby all the time.

    Shifts fly by in the ED.
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    as for "experts"...I'd rather have an ED nurse drop in 18 in my AC with the ish hitting the fan than an ICU nurse...just sayin'
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