Desperately need some advice for a bone doc or nurse Desperately need some advice for a bone doc or nurse | allnurses

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Desperately need some advice for a bone doc or nurse

  1. 0 I have been told that my "sacro - iliac" joint was broken and has healed improperly. I have also been told there is nothing that can be done to it. I suffer MAJOR pain almost daily - bad enough to be screaming and in tears.

    It doesn't pop, the sounds it makes are more like grinding against it's socket I think.

    There is more but I shall wait til I have a human to chat with.
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    A second issue I have is COPD. My significant other wishes me to quit. I have smoked for 31 of my 42 years. I have been told that the main reason I am NOT on o2 now is BECAUSE of my smoking.

    I have medical proof that when i QUIT my o2 saturation drops to 92 or lower. And that when I AM smoking my o2 saturation runs 99 - 100 %

    A few docs and many nurses have explained it like this: because I smoke AND I smoke menthol I pull harder on the cigarette thus opening my lungs fully up allowing more o2 in. Thus assisting my body to remain healthy and not killing brain cells due to low oxygen levels.

    Is this true?
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    We cannot give medical advice here on AN. Best to seek the advice of your doctor.
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    The membership of is not allowed to exchange medical advice for specific reasons. We urge you to consult with your physician or obtain a second opinion. We have the utmost compassion for your situation and wish you the best of luck.