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Great insight from a patient's perspective (2 parts) k9m2FLHlEwA UM-HWkbnDfg... Read More

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    Part two with the moaning was hilarious!!!...I was in tears!!...LOL!!!...great....XoXo
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    Quote from NewbieEDRN
    booo! didnt get to see the 2nd one cuz its no longer available, but the 1st one was hilarious!
    Here is a direct link to youtube for it


    Gotta hear the 'moaning' part
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    Quote from BornHealer
    I Absolutly Loved It. I've worked ER since 1983 and have seen a lot of changes since then --- But one change has not been for the better ---- We simply do not laugh at ourselves as much as we used to. It's good to be reminded about that sometimes. I was lucky enough to be able to watch his entire routine on "You Tube" and was ROTFLMAO. It felt sooooo good to laugh that hard.
    You bring up a great point about the lack of humor now-----if you can't laugh, you are going to cry, huh
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    I've heard the second part on XM Radio on the comedy channel. It was much better seeing his facial expressions.