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In a nutshell: I am an RN of 23 years who has several years of experience in various types of Med/Surg and Cardiac units and hospice. I am currently employed by a huge healthcare company that owns a number of hospitals in our... Read More

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    Thanks for the support, SweetMelissaRN, your name seems very appropriate.

    My second interview is tomorrow. I just got off the phone with the manager and she told me she thinks that I am an excellent candidate and would be a great fit. That was nice to hear!

    I believe that I can acclimate to the ER setting and do just fine. Again, this is not a rip roaring Level I trauma center, it is a suburban Level III where the vast majority of the patients are elderly people from home and various ECFs in the area, along with some psych due to the hospital being known for its excellent psych care. It's not like we will have major life or death trauma on a regular basis, because there are three Level I trauma ERs within 20 minutes of this hospital.

    I think it sounds like the perfect place to grow my ER wings!

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