UF BSN-DNP Schedules

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    I'm currently a BSN student in my 4th year. I want to become an advance practice nurse and I came across the BSN-DNP program from University of Florida. I live in Florida and I'm looking for DNP programs in the state. I live a couple hours away from Gainesville and I was wondering if the program offered many online classes with only the need to be on campus or clinicians a few days? Are there many commuting students?

    I would also like to know what does the part time or full time schedule look like when you are enrolled in one of these programs, particularly UF's.

    Thank you in advance. I was trying to look on a few schools websites,but none of them really had much information on schedules.
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  3. by   Gator Girl 2000
    Try this link first: Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree » Nursing Admissions » College of Nursing » University of Florida Along the left side, you'll note add'l links/info for the various tracks at UF. Each track page also provides sample full time and part time curriculum plans.
    As for commuting/online classes - not much commuting required for classes as the majority of classes are fully online (either live online or recorded in some fashion - first semester assessment course being the exception). You may have to commute a bit for clinicals, however. I'd recommend you contact the University for more information.