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  1. Do/Didyou have a Nursing theory course for your BSN to DNP/FNP program.

    I am seeking facts, not complaints. Which BSN to DNP/FNP programs do not require a "Nursing" Theory course? If you had a general required theory course that included some nursing that is important to know. I believe the time has arrived where the BSN to DNP/FNP is not required to have a nursing theory course, but a conceptual framework course that includes all types of frameworks that allow students to move forward on their evidenced based practice projects.
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  4. by   llg
    Why not have an option for ... having both nursing theory and general theory taught in such programs? Life does not always have to be about "either -- or". Many times, "both" is the best answer.

    Nurses educated at an advanced level should have more than the minimal exposure to the NURSING knowledge base (including nursing theory) than the basic entry-level BSN. So nursing theory at an advanced level is needed. But I agree with you that there should also be broad education about conceptual models in general to better prepare people for EBP projects. The fact that you see it is as an "either/or" question indicates to me that you don't really understand the nature of theory and conceptual models -- both in nursing and in other disciplines.
  5. by   prairienp
    agree, my intention for the 4th response on the poll was both. I wil try and change
  6. by   juan de la cruz
    I don't have a DNP degree. I graduated from a Master's degree program in December 2003. I would have to say that even back in my days as a graduate student, there has been less emphasis on actual nursing theorists but rather a more broad understanding of multi-disciplinary frameworks and conceptual models on healthcare in general. I am a graduate of an Acute Care NP program and while my school's mission relies heavily on research in Self-Care/Care Giving and Urban Health (many PhD student's research center on it at least), our theory class didn't as mush delve on Orem's Self-Care Theory but addressed many other theoretical concepts on Health, Stress, Illness, and Disease.

    We learned more about other concepts even starting with Hans Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome, Bandura's Self-Efficacy Theory, the concept of Resilience, McCubbin's Family Framework, Pender's Health Promotion Model, Benner's Novice to Expert framework, etc. It's amazing that I still remember them when all I had was a 3 credit graduate level course but I think that speaks to the applicability of some of those concepts to clinical practice.
  7. by   prairienp
    Exactly what information I am looking for, thanks. Although the topic is DNP the idea is applicable to graduate nursing education for NPs, what theory or theories are needed for NP education at the graduate level?
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  8. by   wtbcrna A nursing theory course is not required for a DNP to my understanding.
  9. by   juan de la cruz
    Quote from wtbcrna A nursing theory course is not required for a DNP to my understanding.
    I think the OP is asking about BSN to DNP programs. In those cases, they will be part of the program. MS/MSN to DNP programs with prior APN specialization are not required to offer a theory class.
  10. by   prairienp
    Juan,yes thank you for adding clarity , BSN to DNP/FNP . My interest is in which of these programs do not have a specific nursing theories course, I understand the need of a theory and conceptual framework. Which programs are not requiring a nursing theory course.
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  12. by   prairienp
    Why the lol with USUHS? I didnt graduate from there but have heard good things about program.
  13. by   wtbcrna
    Quote from prairienp
    Why the lol with USUHS? I didnt graduate from there but have heard good things about program.
    USUHS is a great program, but it is only for military.