NP in PhD program considering DNP switch

  1. I am currently in a PhD program just finishing the first year and am really disappointed and doubting my decision. Recently a prof from my university came to speak with our advanced practice group at work. They have revamped their DNP program making it more accessible for those of us with job and family obligations. Has anyone been through this sort of situation? or if you are a NP in a DNP program(or have DNP) could you tell me how you made your decision, how it has or will make a difference in your career?
    I have 20 years experience as a nurse and over 15 as a NP so I really want to make a good choice. I love the specialty I am in now, Peds Heme/Onc/BMT and want to contribute more. I am inpatient now but am aiming to transition to outpatient over the next year or two. I am afraid a PhD will take me away from the clinical area I love--or will it?? Thanks so much and I look forward to any insight!
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  3. by   pro-student
    What was your goal in pursuing a PhD? Has that changed? As I'm sure you know, PhDs are about generating new knowledge through research whereas a DNP is about applying current knowledge to practice. Is you goal to be more of a comsumer of research or a producer of original research?

    It sounds to me like more of the latter from your post. The following questionnaire might help you clarify your goals.

    PhD or DNP: Degree Options: School of Nursing: Indiana University