BSN to DNP programs in the US?

  1. I still have a while till I graduate with my BSN, but I'm looking to being a NP. Of course, I was always going to get a master's... seeing how that's the only way you can be a NP... but I've always wanted to go the extra mile and possibly get a DNP. I think it will help me in the long run.

    Is it true that by 2015 that all NP's will have to have a DNP? I know there are a select few programs in the US that have the BSN-DNP program... could someone share some more information about that? I would love to go to that program, but I'm pretty sure it is EXTREMELY competitive. Also, would I have to work for an x amount of years before applying to the DNP program.

    I know this eliminates the MSN-NP degree, but I don't mind... Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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  3. by   q12RN
    Hi PAMQ,

    Radford University in Virginia has a BSN to DNP program that is online. Their address is Radford University Home Page
  4. by   elkpark
    The mandatory-DNP-by-2015 is a proposal by a few of the academic nursing organizations; it's nowhere close to being a requirement. It is true, though, that more and more schools are converting their MSN programs to DNP programs. I don't have any first-hand information (because it's not something that interests me), but I'm generally aware that there is a growing number of BSN->DNP programs "out there." I think that the AACN maintains a list of all the accredited graduate nursing programs in the US -- their website might be one place to start looking. is another site that lists lots of graduate nursing programs -- but their lists are not necessarily comprehensive, because it is a commercial site that charges schools to be listed and plenty of schools just choose not to spend the money to be included.